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Real recipes with normal ingredients (not some super secret freaky ingredient that's hard to find)!

Tips of getting things done quicker and easier (like spray your counter with pam before rolling out cookie or bread dough).

Dessert recipes that are conducive to the season. (Huh?) Big word, I know. Meaning, if we have blueberries in season - that would be a good time to talk about blueberry desserts - not the middle of winter when they are hard to find.

Above all I promise to NOT clog your inbox with boring mundane recipes or trivial garbage that would makes the delete key your most used key.

Each month I post the top 5 MOST viewed cookies, cakes, fruit desserts, and Italian drinks. It's interesting to see what other people are cooking. We are a group of dessert lovers from all over the world - 85% USA, and 15% scattered abroad. The top 5 most viewed recipes change each month. And that depends on what's in season or what holiday we may be celebrating. You can see how they change by going to my homepage - that's where I post them.

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