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Peach Dessert Recipes

"Got peaches? Need a dessert?"

peach dessert recipes

These peach dessert recipes are part of my fruit dessert recipes and they center around FRESH peaches. So none of these recipes will will call for canned or frozen.

In the midwest we have so many varieties grown by the local farmers who bring them to market on Saturdays. And in some of the recipes I give a suggestion for a certain peach type - like a white peach. But really, don't worry about that - you can use any peach you can find. It's just a a very big deal around here when the white peaches are harvested. We have people in our family that drive an hour and a half to go buy them when they are ripe. Because of the abundance here we can be picky.

Two of these recipes are part of my Italian Drinks collection. (The bellini recipe and the peach sangria). The peach sangria is usually in my top 10 most viewed pages. And if you want that recipe emailed to you, there's a place to do that at the bottom of that page.

None of the peach dessert recipes are fancy pants celebrity-type recipes. They are really simple. The drinks take about 10 minutes to make. And plan on the desserts about , some of them a tad longer. These use real basic ingredients to keep the dessert focused around fresh peaches! (And to help you get something cooking before the bag of fresh peaches you bought rots on your counter!)

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Labor Day Is Coming Up!

It's still so hot, it's hard to get excited about cranking up the over. So - there are a couple of NO BAKE stand-by's I use:

Strawberry and Marsala

Amaretto Mouse Cheesecake

The big word is NO BAKE.

And then, there's always my Italian Drinks collection to make a party unique and festive.

Whatever you choose for Labor Day, keep it cool. Keep it simple. And keep it safe!


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